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Linxo on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

It’s easy to do your accounting!

Less time, more enjoyment managing your accounts, your finances and your savings. The simple and refined iPhone/iPad application lets you see in the wink of an eye the balance of all your accounts, your transactions automatically classified, and graphs that are both instructive and fun. It’s easy to understand where your money goes.

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Linxo on Android

All Linxo features are available on Android. Access all your information on your cell phone in all safety.

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Linxo on Windows 10

Browsing and design specially adapted to this version, faithful to the Windows platform. 

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Linxo on the web

Access more data and more graphs on our website, to better manage your money.

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automatic categorization, notifications, graphics

Automatic categorization

Your spending at supermarkets, on rent and gas is directly categorized – you don’t have to do anything. A little colored icon makes your categories a bit brighter.  


Linxo suggests numerous attractive and interactive graphs and charts to help you fine tune your analysis
All are available on the web; the most important are in the apps. 


No more unpleasant surprises!
Receive notifications for large expenses, bank charges or risk of overdraft. You can customize the frequency and content of your notifications (displaying or concealing the amounts). Nothing will escape you!
New: share the notifications your receive with whoever you want! 

Account history

How is your history built? During the first connection to your bank, Linxo retrieves all the available transactions on your banks’ websites. Linxo connects every day to synchronize your accounts and record all your transactions.

If you are subscribed to Linxo Premium, your entire transaction history is available for charts and graphs. If you are not subscribed, you will only be able to graph the last 6 months of data.  

Transfer your money, Budget Targets

Transfer your money

Send funds to your accounts, grow your savings, or transfer money without going through your bank’s app. Our systems are secured and certified by the Bank of France (certificat #16928).

Budget Targets

Set your spending limits with budget targets. Linxo will help you achieve your goal. Set the amount yourself, or use the default amount proposed by Linxo. You can create goals for each sub-category for the current month.

Automatic classification , notifications, charts

Multicriteria search

You can see for example how much you paid at a given restaurant last year. You can search by description, check number, notes, categories, date range, account, amount or a combination of any of these elements. 

Add notes

Adding notes lets you customize your operations: who you gave a gift to, details of your health expenditure (dentist, medical practitioner etc.) or the title of the book you bought.

Discreet mode

Do you want to show your friend how Linxo works but you prefer to conceal the figures? Shake your phone: your amounts will be concealed. Do you want to see them again? Shake it again! 


You can receive a weekly and/or monthly overview to see what is happening in your accounts. Get an insight into what has had the greatest influence on your finances in the period. Linxo tells you clearly if you have any operations to classify, if one of your accounts is not synchronized or if you should carry out an operation on your bank’s website. You will see a reminder in your notifications. 


Linxo lets you add one or more manual accounts. Manual accounts are very useful for including transactions in Linxo which are available in your finance management software but no longer available on your bank’s website. You can also create a manual account if one of your banks is not yet connected to Linxo. You can export your data, only from the website, in CSV format. If you are a Premium user, you can also export data in OFX and QIF formats. 

You can export your data, only from the website, in CSV format. If you are a Premium user, you can also export data in OFX and QIF formats. 

Choose Linxo

  • Linxo is the leader in personal finance services.
  • Linxo develops 100% of its services in France.
  • Linxo customer service is always there for you.
  • Prestigious partners and clients have chosen Linxo.
  • Over 3,000,000 users have placed their trust in Linxo.

User notices

Parfait ! Peux plus m'en passer ! Je ne suivais jamais mes comptes avant et là je sais toujours où j'en suis c'est nikel !
Quand on n’est pas adepte du pointage des relevés bancaires, ça permet de rester vigilant sur l'état de ses comptes.
Application ludique et pratique. Gratuite et française. Au top. Je la conseille pour garder un oeil sur ses finances.
Facile, intuitive, pratique, j'ai même laissé tomber la consultation des comptes sur l'appli d'origine de la banque !
Grâce à Linxo, j'arrive à faire des économies ! Permet de consulter tous ses comptes en un rien de temps !

Tous vos comptes, votre budget et votre épargne dans une seule appli. Commencez dès maintenant à maîtriser votre argent !

N'hésitez pas à dire que vous aimez Linxo

Tous vos comptes, votre budget et votre épargne dans une seule appli. Commencez dès maintenant à maîtriser votre argent !