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The Linxo payment card – Press Release – 04/06/19

Linxo announces the launch of its own real-time payment card

Linxo, the first financial assistant available on mobile in France (budget management and bank account aggregation), announces the coming launch of its first payment card. To this effect, the french FinTech with 2.8 million users works in a technical partnership with Natixis Payments and Visa. It aims to call on its users to co-build this new solution, which will be available in 2020, as co-founder of Linxo Bruno Van Haetsdaele explained at the Money 20/20 exhibition currently taking place in Amsterdam.

Offering the best real-time experience with your money, whatever your bank

“As an player giving a 360° view of their money, we are seeing users’ practices evolving quickly in two strong directions: firstly, the requirement for a very good user experience, and, secondly, the introduction of real-time as a new payment standard. So, we thought to ourselves: how can we offer the best money management experience and the best payment experience?” says Bruno Van Haetsdaele, co-founder of Linxo.

Linxo will therefore allow its users to pay directly with its card all over the world, to make secure purchases that can be viewed immediately on their mobile app . With this new offer, the FinTech provides a comprehensive and real-time solution: instant notifications as soon as a payment is made, real-time budget management, card configuration directly on the Linxo app and the possibility to pay with your mobile, whatever your smartphone. This global user experience will be the finishing touch to the financial assistant role that Linxo plays. The app now offers categorisation and monitoring of expenses, a quick and clear view of your current accounts, your credits and available savings, and even a budget forecast to avoid overdrafts. By including payment, the Linxo app aims to offer the best of real-time payment and the best of budget management in just one mobile app, whichever bank you have.

A partnership with Natixis Payments and Visa

The Linxo payment card is the result of a collaboration with Natixis Payments and Visa that is centred on technology and payment . At a time when the expectations and practices of users towards their banks is changing completely, these three agents have adopted a smooth approach, using the Xpollens platform provided by Visa and Natixis Payment.

“We were attracted by the state-of-the-art offer and rapidity provided by the Xpollens solution which allows for the creation of a first card and payment account in just 100 days. On this basis, we can then co-build the best money and payment management mobile solution directly with our users. Our aim is to focus on our expertise: creating the best user experience” says Bruno Van Haetsdaele. He goes on to explain: “The Xpollens solution gives us the industry expertise of Natixis Payment and Visa as well as access to their knowledge about the payment market, all as quickly and as smoothly as possible, allowing us to create a solution by which the market can be reached quickly”.

Fast implementation and time-to-market are crucial for a FinTech. Xpollens has enabled a smooth partnership between three companies known for their innovative positions.

Tous vos comptes, votre budget et votre épargne dans une seule appli. Commencez dès maintenant à maîtriser votre argent !

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Tous vos comptes, votre budget et votre épargne dans une seule appli. Commencez dès maintenant à maîtriser votre argent !